New Roman Missal


Pope John Paul II announced a revised version of the Missale Romanum during the Jubilee Year 2000. Among other things, the revised edition of the Missale Romanum contains prayers for the observances of recently canonized saints, additional prefaces for the Eucharistic Prayers, additional Votive Masses and Masses and Prayers for Various Needs and Occasions, and some updated and revised rubrics (instructions) for the celebration of the Mass. The English translation of the Roman Missal will also include updated translations of existing prayers, including some of the well-known responses and acclamations of the people. Now is the time to seize the opportunity given to us for all Catholics in the United States to deepen, nurture, and celebrate our faith through the renewal of our worship and the celebration of the Sacred Liturgy. Resources can be found at USSCB: Welcoming the Roman Missal.

The Roman Missal, Third Typical Edition: Policies for the Archdiocese of Baltimore

"The new Missal is our Church's next step in following the directives of the Second Vatican Council, which called all of us to a full, conscious, and active participation in the liturgy. It is my hope that it will serve to further deepen the bond of unity that we share, and that its implementation will be an occasion for a renewal of our liturgical life. We have been given a golden opportunity, and it would be a tragedy to squander it." -- Archbishop Edwin O'Brien, December 8, 2010

Effective the First Sunday of Advent (November 27) of 2011, the Ordinary Form of the Eucharistic liturgy in the Archdiocese of Baltimore is to be celebrated according to the Roman Missal and its General Instruction, third edition, and the instruction, Redemptionis sacramentum - and using only those liturgical texts approved for use in the United States (with due regard for norms regulating the use of non-English liturgical texts).

For more information, refer to the Archdiocese of Baltimore Policies on the Implementation of the 3rd Edition of the Roman Missal.

Embracing Change in the Liturgy