Taize Prayer


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12/9/17 Taize' Advent Prayer, 7-9pm
@ Bon Secours Spiritual Center
1525 Marriottsville Rd, Marriottsville, Maryland 21104
12/20/17 Taize' Prayer & Reconciliation, 7-8:30pm

@ Immaculate Conception Parish  & St. Jude's Mission                                                             455 Bow St, Elkton, Maryland 21921


What is Taizé Prayer?

A service that takes its meditative music, prayer form, and name from the Taizé (pronounced teh-ZAY) Community, located in the village of Taizé, Saône-et-Loire, Burgundy, France. The Taizé Community is an international, ecumenical monastic community of brothers from Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox traditions who desire to be a "living parable" of reconciliation among Christians.

"In all things peace of heart, joy, simplicity and mercy. God buries our past in the heart of Christ and will take care of our future. Christ Jesus, inner light, let me welcome your love; may I find joy. I love you, perhaps not as I would like to, but I do love you." Brother Roger






Why Do We Sing the Same Song Repeatedly?

When a basic reality of faith is expressed using only a few words, it is quickly grasped by the mind. As the words are sung over and over, there is a movement from the head to the heart. Brother Roger, who founded the Taizé community in 1940, simply states that, "a few words taken up and sung unceasingly, mysteriously reaches the depths of our being."

Why Do We Sing in Latin?

The songs needed to be accessible to the people who came from all over the world to participate in the prayer of the Taizé community. The brothers discovered that Latin was the language most common to a diverse group of people. Other languages used include German, Spanish, Russian, French, and English.

Where Can I Find More Information About Taizé Prayer?

The best source of information about the Taizé Community is their web site at www.taize.fr. Daily meditation from the brothers of Taizé can be found at http://www.taize.fr/en_article75.html. Visit www.taizebaltimore.org for information about local and regional Taizé prayer events. For more information about the Taizé prayer services at St. Stephen call Duffy Laws at 410-592-6312.

"Holy Spirit, enable us at every moment to turn towards you. So often we forget that you live in us, that you pray in us, and that you love in us. Your presence within us is trust and constant forgiveness."

- - Brother Roger's Easter Prayer 2004